Outback In The Ozarks

Outback In The Ozarks Children's Names

May 4 - 5

A crew of crazy runners with GIANT hearts running 205 miles in honor of children who have lost a brother or sister. Raising awareness for remembering the grieving sibling. Each mile will be dedicated in memory of a deceased child(ren) and in honor of thier livng siblings.

2018 will mark the 4th year TeamMercy.org gathers 12 runners and a support crew to run 200+ miles in memory of children gone too soon and in honor of their surviving siblings. Each mile run celebrates the life of a siblings loved and cherished. You can make a donation in honor of siblings Each dollar raised helps support the living siblings through child specific grief resources. TeamMercy sends grief packets and awards Mercy's Gift. Grief packets include: Art with Heart journals, Kids learn about Death and Celebrating Life books, Coloring Books and more.  Mercy's Gift is funding for an extracurricular, academy or mental health related activity.

Follow the adventure on our TeamMercy FaceBook page.

Outback In The Ozarks Runners