Mercy Elizabeth Whitfield is the third child to Rodney and Allison. Before she was born we found out she had a genetic condition known as Trisomy 13. This fatal condition, in which most babies do not survive to term and those who do will only live briefly, changed our family. We decided to take it day by day. We would spend what time we had with Mercy, living and loving to the fullest. Mercy Elizabeth was born September 8, 2011. She lived knowing nothing but love for her brief, but full, 13 days.


The preschool our other two children were attending asked if they could set up a scholarship fund in Mercy Elizabeth’s honor. Although Mercy would not live long enough to attend a preschool, other young children could attend in her honor.  This began the Mercy Whitfield Memorial Scholarship Fund. It allowed children whose parents were fiscally challenged to receive funds made available for tuition at Vista Ridge Methodist Discovery Preschool. In 2012, our family decided to expand the outreach of the Mercy Whitfield Memorial Scholarship so that other siblings experiencing sibling loss would be able to continue in their activities. In 2016, we renamed the MWMS to Mercy’s Gift. Expanding the scope of the gift allows us  to help siblings maintain normalcy in the midst of the chaos that can arise from child loss. For our family, the continued care and support of her siblings, Grace and Justice, by their preschool was priceless. We want this for other families and siblings experiencing such a loss. The monies raised by the Mercy Run directly support Mercy’s Gift, reaching out to continue care and support for siblings in families experiencing child loss.


Please feel free to visit our Caring Bridge for Mercy Elizabeth.