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Team Mercy

TeamMercy is a 501c3 non-profit foundation  providing connections to resources for families facing the death of a child. TeamMercy.org  assists grieving families, specifically the siblings, through the one of life’s most difficult tragedies, by providing funding for an existing activity for those siblings through Mercy’s Gift: a grant providing funding for an existing  extra-curricular, academic, or mental health related.73,00 Children die every year in the United States. Of those children, 83% have surviving siblings.

Each child grieves differently, and there in no right or wrong way or length of time to grieve.

In addition to various other resources TeamMercy.Org sponsors Mercy’s Gift.  Mercy’s Gift is a grant offering children an opportunity to continue in an existing activity while they learn the new normal of life without their sibling.

We lost our Mercy Elizabeth after 13 short, beautiful days and were especially concerned about that impact on her siblings, who had so eagerly awaited her arrival. The love and support of our family and friends has led us to reach out to help other families who find themselves in a similar situation. We have been in their shoes and want to share resources that have helped us navigate our loss.

TeamMercy is a non-profit foundation supporting siblings in life after loss.